Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022
Autel Alpha

Autel Alpha & Titan Enterprise Drone Industrial Ecosystem

As the leading Enterprise drones, Autel Alpha & Autel Titan have solid hardware, brand-new design, and intelligent software. They add a more user-friendly design for applications in various industries and support open interfaces and Industrial Ecosystem accessories.

Open interface for Autel Alpha & Titan Enterprise drones

The drone has three load interfaces: front lower, front upper, and middle lower. The open interface is compatible with third-party payloads and supports the installation of floodlights, speakers, 4G/5G modules*, etc.

Spotlight & Loudspeaker

A two-in-one design that provides loudspeaker and lighting functions. With an in-built rotating motor structure, it can adjust the pitch angle.


Realizing long-distance voice transmission and audio loop playback. In emergency situations, it effectively manages on-site order.

Third-party Payload

Laser Radar

Five-camera System

RTK Module

4G/5G Module

Releasing Device


Skyfend Tracer

It can carry out radio source detection, realize remote specific detection of drones and pilots, optoelectronic autonomous linkage search to confirm and accurately locate the target pilot's position, and share the detection location information in real time within the team.

Autel Alpha & Titan Enterprise Drone Industrial Ecosystem

Autel Smart Controller V3

• Bright display: 7.9 inches, with a maximum brightness of 2000 nits and a 2K resolution.

• Long battery life: It can work continuously for 4.5 hours and be fully charged in 2 hours.

• High storage: Built-in 128GB storage space, easy for backup shooting materials.

• Interface functions: Outputs live signal through HDMI interface.

Autel Enterprise Mission Flight App

The App provides various task modes such as waypoint task, rectangle task, polygon task, photogrammetry, spiral task, flight strip task, terrain following flight, and mapping aerial photography.

Users can import the photos taken into modeling software for 2D or 3D model reconstruction. Applicable to surveying, inspection, patrol, and rescue.

Autel Mapping Software

• Autel Mapper is an industry-leading PC-side model reconstruction software that can reconstruct 2D and 3D models from photos taken by drones.

• The quick collage mode can be used for real-time quick splicing or post-processing quick splicing. Quickly complete terrain surveys.

• The software offers a 3-month trial period.

IR Tool Thermal Imaging Analysis Software

After completing the thermal imaging work with Autel Alpha, you can use the IR Tool infrared thermal analysis tool to mark, analyze, and process images, and clearly identify abnormal temperature points.

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