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Airplane Drone Situational Awareness in Extreme Environments

High-performance drones can perform tasks in some unknown terrains, vast and difficult-to-assess environments, improve situational awareness, and reduce the possible dangers of personnel entering dangerous areas.

Autel drones are strong and durable and can challenge missions in some extreme environments, including extreme temperatures, extreme temperatures, high radiation, strong winds and other extreme conditions.

Drone operating temperature Remote control operating temperature Battery charging temperature
Autel Consumer Drones -10°C ~ 40°C 0°C ~40°C  5ºC~45°C
EVO II V3 Series -10°C ~ 40°C 0°C ~40°C 5ºC to 45ºC
Autel MAX Series -20℃ - 50℃ -20℃ to 40℃ 5ºC to 45ºC

Under extreme conditions, a drone's sensors and communication equipment may be severely affected, affecting its ability to perceive its surroundings and respond to commands.

Can drones be used to study volcanoes?

drones be used to study volcanoes

Yes, airplane drones can be used to investigate anomalies in volcanic activity, monitor and study crater behavior and the amount of gas emitted, and help researchers better grasp more data for field surveys.

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Can drones be used for Iceland exploration?

drones be used for Iceland exploration

Yes, airplane drones can be used to explore Iceland, which is home to massive waterfalls, towering glaciers, and barren volcanic highlands.

Can drones be used to explore the Amazon rainforest?


Drone mapping can be a great way to help monitor vegetation health and assist conservation efforts, checking for illegal logging on wilderness international lands without seriously disturbing wildlife habitats.


The use of drones in research on volcanoes, Iceland, and rainforests is testing the performance characteristics of drones that are resistant to low temperatures, high temperatures, waterproof vapor, and anti-interference.

If commanders want to obtain better Airplane drone situational awareness, they need to enhance the airplane drone's hardware performance, optimize sensor design, and strengthen communication technology to better perform airplane drone missions.

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