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5G Drones

The Arrival Of 5G Drones Optimizes Commercial Drones

5G drones have become one of the hottest technologies of 2021. In 2022, we expect 5G drones to be in full production. 5G drone technology, typically applied to commercial drones, will enable large-scale deployment of mission-critical drone use cases.

In advanced 5G technology, the highly reliable, ultra-low latency communication links of 5G networks are used to explore new and safer uses for drones. 5G-connected drones will change the traditional link of drone communication and will communicate commands more efficiently.

5g drone technology

Possible Applications For 5G Drones

How commercial drones can be safely integrated into global airspace alongside manned aviation is a big question for autonomous commercial drones. Key use cases for commercial drones will include the use of drones to assist emergency services, conduct 3D mapping, assist police forces, and conduct security inspections and deliveries. UAV applications do solve many industry pain points and provide efficient and accurate aerial deployment solutions.

In large-scale drone mission deployments, 5G drones operate beyond line of sight, maximizing drone enhancement with the wide-area, high-speed, and secure wireless network coverage provided by major wireless service providers communication distance.

5g drone Applications

What Has 5G Drone Technology Changed?

5G and drone technology are both exciting technologies, and combining them will create huge changes.

Drones flying using digital communication image transmission technology or analog signal transmission technology use point-to-point links, which may lose signal at any point during the flight.

And when operating on 5G networks, drones will benefit from ultra-reliable and low-latency connectivity. Drone pilots can command drones in near real-time and reduce the likelihood of dropped calls. This means less loss of control and fewer mid-air collisions, fully guaranteeing long-distance cruising and real-time high-definition video transmission.

Has 5G Drone Technology Succeeded?

5g drones technology

AT&T's drone program introduces an industry-first 5G transmission, and the AT&T 5G Flying COW® is the only drone to offer a 5G network that can transmit to approximately 10 square miles.

E-commerce giants Uber Eats, Amazon and UPS are also adding unmanned drone fleets
Scope of delivery, the future of 5G drones will be gradually realized.

5G drones will change the game for commercial drones, but there are no 5G drones that actually hit the market.

How Do I Choose A Commercial Drone?

5g drone Commercial Drone

In a massive commercial drone market, buying a commercial drone is an amazing investment. Drivers use them in many industries, such as patrol inspection, surveying and mapping, forest fire prevention, road law enforcement, field search and rescue and other operations.

The high-definition camera, long battery life, payload, high-precision RTK module and infrared thermal imager of commercial drones are favorable assistants for serving the industry.

In the Autelpilot store, you can choose Autel EVO II Dual 640t for power inspection, Autel EVO II Pro RTK for surveying and mapping business, and Autel EVO II Dual 640t Enterprise for field fire and rescue operations.

At present, the commercialization of drones has become a major trend. Autel enterprise drones can reach a distance of 9 kilometers for image transmission. With the addition of 5G technology, future commercial drones will play a huge potential. Well serve more industries and scenarios.

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