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RTK Drones with 3D Mapping

3D Mapping Modeling of Ancient Buildings by UAV

As an important cultural heritage, ancient architecture is an ancient cultural symbol of a city and even a country. It spans time and space, tells people the legends of thousands of years ago, and is the witness of historical civilization. After the baptism of the years, these ancient buildings will be more or less damaged to varying degrees. The repair and restoration of buildings is also a complicated task. From the acquisition of raw materials to repair skills, it requires meticulousness, patience, and "step by step". The digital storage and protection of ancient buildings can not only completely preserve the original appearance data of buildings but also provide a reference for restorers to carry out building restoration operations. It is the most basic and most effective means and method to inherit ancient building technology, craftsmanship and culture. Next, let's take a look at the drone solution for 3D mapping and modelling ancient buildings.

RTK Drones with 3D Mapping

I. Advantages of drone mapping and surveying

The field of drone imaging and data collection has developed rapidly. In terms of cultural heritage protection, drone solutions can enter the dangerous areas that traditional surveying and mapping methods cannot enter, and become one of the irreplaceable methods in the field of cultural and genetic surveying and mapping of ancient buildings. Ancient buildings are representative objects of cultural relics. Data collection of ancient buildings can help drones quickly build 3D models of ancient buildings and provide digital information support for the maintenance and development of historical sites. It can take close-up photography of buildings, obtain detailed information in all directions, and carry out refined modelling. Complete digital information archives of historic sites can be used for cultural relics protection, education, tourism and other industries.

II. Drone mapping and surveying solution configuration

Autel Robotics EVO II RTK Series Drone Centimeter-Level Positioning System

1. The product under the integration of industry-level drone mapping and surveying technology has a long battery life, supports a variety of aerial survey loads, and can be used as the first choice for ancient building surveying and mapping flight equipment.

2. The small multi-rotor high-precision aerial survey UAV is designed for low-altitude photogrammetry applications. It has a centimetre-level navigation and positioning system and a high-performance imaging system. It is portable and easy to use, and comprehensively improves the efficiency of aerial surveying.

3. The multi-purpose aerial survey load integrates a full-frame image sensor and a three-axis gimbal and supports a variety of lenses. With the Jingwei flight platform and Zhitu post-processing software, it provides users with an integrated, high-precision and high-efficiency aerial survey solution.

4. Highly integrated industry-level lidar load. Integrated integration, high-precision inertial navigation, surveying and mapping cameras and three-axis pan/tilt modules, together with latitude and longitude and Zhitu, form an integrated surveying and mapping solution.

5. A free image-controlled tilt photogrammetry five cameras, suitable for longitude and latitude drones.

6. A PC application software that provides autonomous route planning, aerial photography, 2D orthophoto and 3D model reconstruction. The one-stop solution helps industry users to comprehensively improve the efficiency of aerial surveys inside and outside the industry, and convert real scenarios into digital assets.

III. Drone mapping and surveying are close to photogrammetry technology

Proximity photogrammetry refers to drone mapping and surveying to collect and process photogrammetric data at a distance of fewer than 305 meters from the measurement subject. The collection method is based on the air and finally outputs a high-precision 3D rendering. Usually, the surveying and mapping of ancient buildings adopt close-to-photography technology, first generating a rough model, and then planning a refined route based on the rough model. Take the main shooting of the building, and then take supplementary shots for the low part. Import a large number of collected pictures into the surveying and mapping processing software for cluster reconstruction.

Autel RTK Module Specification

Autel Robotics EVO II RTK Series Drone

RTK Module Dimensions:55.5*72.5*57 mm
Weight:59.5 g
Connections:Floating Connectors
Power:~ 3W
RTK Positioning Precision:
1.5 cm + 1 ppm((Vertical)
1 cm + 1 ppm(Horizontal)
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