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Autel MAX 4T Drones

24Ghz Radar MAX 4T and 60Ghz Radar MAX 4T Description

Autel MAX 4T is the first commercial drone with a millimeter-wave radar sensor. The millimeter-wave radar technology can be used to improve the drone's obstacle avoidance effect and improve its perception ability. In the millimeter wave radar sensor of Autel MAX 4T, there are two versions, one is a 24Ghz radar sensor, and the other is a 60Ghz radar sensor.

Autel MAX 4T millimeter-wave radar sensor

Autel MAX 4T millimeter-wave radar technology

24Ghz radar and 60Ghz radar obstacle avoidance instructions

When the millimeter-wave radar sensor of Autel MAX 4T is 24Ghz, the drone only has downward-looking radar. Therefore, at night, the obstacle avoidance will indicate that the obstacle avoidance fails due to insufficient light. You should try to fly in a place with sufficient light.

When the millimeter-wave radar sensor of Autel MAX 4T is 60Ghz, the drone has front-to-back, up-down millimeter-wave radar, and the obstacle avoidance function takes effect no matter it is day or night.

24Ghz Radar and 60Ghz Radar Specifications



*Please fly safely and comply with your local laws and regulations to use 60GHz.

Sensing Range

60GHz Radar:

Upward: 0.98-787.4in (0.3-20m)

Downward: 5.9-3149.6in (0.15-80m)

Forward and Backward: 0.98-98.43ft (0.3-50m)

24GHz Radar:

Downward: 2.62-39.4ft (0.8-12m)


Horizontal (6dB): ±60°/±22° (24G/60G)

Vertical (6dB): ±30°/±20° (24G/60G)

 Operating Environment

The 60GHz millimeter-wave radar sensing system supports all-weather obstacle avoidance for glass, water, wires, buildings, and trees. Its obstacle avoidance distance varies with the obstacle's ability to reflect electromagnetic waves and its surface size.

The 24Ghz millimeter-wave radar supports downward sensing, and its sensing range varies by the ground material. For example, the sensing range of cement ground is 12 meters, and the sensing range of grass with a thickness of more than 3cm is less than 6 meters.


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