Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022
Why Must Have Drone Accessories?

Why Must Have Drone Accessories?

The best drone accessories that will enhance your every flight experience! The Autel Robotics EVO drone has always been one of the best-selling consumer drones, and easy flight and great imagery cannot be achieved without the support of drone accessories. Must-have drone accessories include camera kits, flight kits, and packaging. There are three categories of kits, adding additional drone accessories can greatly enhance the capabilities of the drone.

The Best Drone Accessories Of 2022

Camera kits are a must-have accessory for camera drones, and some of these drone accessories are model-specific. If you have a different drone, choose the appropriate version for your drone.

Interchangeable EVO II Series Drone Cameras

Autel drone's gimbal and camera are integrated, more importantly, in the Autel EVO II series, EVO II Pro 6k Camera and EVO II Dual 8k Camera are interchangeable, you can easily change different cameras and gimbal, which means With that you will have two gimbal/cameras in one plane.

Want to know more about interchangeable gimbal/cameras? See the following articles.
Autel EVO II Drone Three Cameras Difference

Neutral Density Filters

If you are an aerial photographer/videographer and often need to shoot exteriors, then I highly recommend you to buy ND filters, ND filters are basically used as sunglasses for camera lenses, which can help the camera adjust the frame rate, adjust the amount of light in, and shoot more nice image.
The ND filters available are Lite+ ND Filters, Lte ND Filters , EVO II ND Filters.
Going a step further, the evo ii also has an optional UV Filter.

Gimbal Cover

All Autel drones have original gimbal covers, if accidentally lost or damaged, it is highly recommended to buy another one, the gimbal is the most expensive and sensitive part of the drone and you should not risk exposing it.
Gimbal covers are available in nano gimbal cover, lite gimbal cover, lite+ gimbal cover, gimbal cover for evoii/pro.

The flight kit of the drone is also the top priority, and good flight is inseparable from the support of flight accessories. Maintaining stable flight, smooth landing, and long-distance and long-term effective flight are all effectively extending the drone flight experience.

Extra Battery

Once you start flying your drone, whether you want to learn more flying skills or shooting skills, you'll want to fly longer than wait until the battery runs out to recharge. This is why you should buy a few extra battery accessories for the drone.

The drone intelligent flight batteries on sale are: EVO Nano Battery, flight duration 28 minutes,EVO Lite Battery, flight duration 40 minutes, EVO II Battery, 40 minutes flight duration.

Of course, you can also buy a battery multi-charging hub that can charge multiple drone batteries at the same time, and additional drone batteries are a huge investment.

Large Capacity SD Card

Autel Robotics EVO Nano & Lite series drones are lightweight drones that do not have storage space on the fuselage, and the captured images need to be downloaded to the mobile phone. Of course, you can add a memory card for them, up to 256G large-capacity SD card, which is more convenient.

Propeller Guard

The propeller parts of the drone are light and tough, and they are also likely to be damaged when encountering obstacles under high-speed rotation. Although the EVO Nano & Lite series drones are equipped with three-way obstacle avoidance and the EVO II series drones are equipped with omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, we also need you to take good care of your drones.

Drone Landing Pad

The landing pad looks so unremarkable, but it's a good drone accessory, and it doesn't matter whether you're flying a multi-thousand dollar drone or a small hobbyist drone. Landing pads are always a good idea.

Landing pads help with dirty or uneven surfaces. You can see it clearly on camera from a distance so you can get back more easily. But be careful and always pin it to the ground or the wind will blow it away.

Available drone landing pads are: EVO Nano & Lite Landing Pad, , EVO & EVO II Landing Pad.

Packaging Kit

What's the best way to pack everything when you're traveling with a drone? Come and get the Drone Bundle to bring your drone and accessories together without easily damaging or losing your essentials.

Gets More Accessories

  • EVO Nano On-the-Go Bundle (Shoulder Bag,Nano Battery,Pair Propeller with 12 Screws,Multi-Charger,Propeller Holde,Nano AC Adapter)
  • EVO Lite/Lite On-the-Go Bundle(Shoulder Bag,Lite Battery,Pair Propeller with 12 Screws,Multi-Charger,Propeller Holde,Lite AC Adapter,Lite ND filters,Lite+ ND filters)
  • EVO II Fly More Kit/ Bundle(Shoulder Bag,EVO II Flight Batteries,EVO II Low Noise Propellers,EVO II Charging Hub)

    In Conclusion

    Buying the right and necessary accessories for your drone is a must, the autelpilot store offers all original accessories for Autel drones, enjoy real drone accessories for drones nearby, here for accessories come with a drone Highlights.

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