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What Is An RTH Drone? Do I Need An RTH Drone?

Return To Home (RTH) drones are safe and secure, and are quite friendly to drone beginners. If you are not familiar with the RTH capabilities of drones or have any questions, please read this article and we will take you in-depth to understand RTH drones.

What Is An RTH Drone?

Return Drones

RTH drone refers to a drone with RTH function. The RTH function can effectively guarantee the drone user to bring the drone back to a safe and accessible landing location. RTH can automatically return to the take-off position and is an autopilot technology.

How Does RTH Work?

RTH Drones

Autel drones have built-in GPS units. The Autel drone determines the take-off point as the return point according to the internal GPS signal. When the RTH function is activated, the drone will automatically plan the return path and return to the original place.

The return-to-home function of the drone relies heavily on GPS signals. Before returning your drone, make sure that you are not flying in the area of ​​strong magnetic field interference, and adjust the return-to-home altitude to avoid obstacles.

There Are Two Main Ways To Go Home For a Return Drone:

  • GPS Home
  • Non-GPS Home

    GPS Home

    The GPS device of the drone is very important, not only used in the return function of the drone, but also to find the location of the drone in an accident. In addition, in more advanced drones, some flight modes also rely on GPS technology for waypoint planning paths, etc.

    Return Home Without GPS (One-click Return)

    The one-touch return-to-home feature you see on very cheap drones (drones without GPS) is really nothing more than the drone pressing the return button. Some drones keep the original orientation and put the drone in headless mode and do their best to get it back to you.

    Obviously, the drone has no way to determine its own direction and position. Drone pilots need more manual controls.

    When To Start RTH Mode?

    RTH Drones

    Smart return: The drone user actively chooses to return, and the Autel drone accepts the command to return.

    Low battery return: When the battery of the Autel drone is exhausted to the specified level, the Autel Sky App will prompt and the drone will return to its origin.

    Failsafe RTH: In the event of remote control disconnection or loss of signal, this mode will bring your drone back to its origin.

    What Is The Return Accuracy Of The Drone?

    The return-to-home accuracy of the drone is usually 1-2 meters from the starting point. It depends on the drone performance, the GPS module will be as close as possible to the distance to the home point. Inexpensive drones will expand the return range to 5m away.

    Can You Set The Return Altitude For The Drone?

    Yes, the return altitude can be set in most drone apps. They usually have a minimum return home height and a maximum. The return-to-home altitude setting helps us avoid collisions with obstacles.

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