Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022
Autel EVO II Pro V3

Is Autel EVO 3 Released or EVO 2 V3 Released?

UAV drone 2022 is a state of competition and a hundred flowers blooming. A large number of UAV drone brands have emerged, large and small commercial UAVs, consumer drones, toy drones, and professional competition drones on the drone market. The Autel EVO II Pro V2 launched by Autel Robotics performed well, so more people are looking forward to the release of EVO 3 Pro!

Will there be an Autel Evo 3?

Autel Robotics has unveiled a new range of drones and related accessories at electronics trade show IFA 2022. The new drone series announced this time refers to Autel EVO II V3 series, not Autel EVO 3. Maybe Autel EVO III will not appear, only Autel EVO II V3 series.

 Autel_Robotics_IFA_2022 evo 2 v3

What is the update of Autel EVO II V3 series compared to Autel EVO II V2 series?

The update of the Autel EVO II V3 series is mainly about the distance between the camera and image transmission. The image transmission of EVO II V2 supports 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz, and the farthest image transmission distance is 9 kilometers. The image transmission frequency band of EVO II V3 has been increased by 900MHz, and the maximum image transmission distance can reach 15 kilometers.

On the camera, EVO II Pro V3 adds moonlight algorithm 2.0, improves the ISO range, and makes night scene shooting clearer. EVO II 640T V3 has improved the camera sensor. On the visible light camera, it uses 1/1.28 CMOS, f/1.9 aperture, and can support up to 50MP photos!

Will Autel Evo 3 be released at CES 2023?

Autel Robotics is an important guest at the CES show every year. They not only showcase existing drone products that are performing well, but also accompany the release of new drones. Before the arrival of CES 2023, Autel Robotics showed part of a new product. Could this be Autel EVO 3?

Autel MAX 4T

Finally, what Autel Robotics announced at CES 2023 is the new commercial drone Autel EVO MAX 4T. Apparently, people initially took this as a teaser for consumer drones. Speculation about the launch of the Autel EVO 3 continues, but we’re excited to see the MAX 4T emerge as a powerful enterprise drone.

Looking forward to more information on the release of Autel EVO 3?

As one of the distributors of Autel Robotics, Autelpilot will synchronize the important information of the new product release as soon as possible, and give fast and accurate information to all fans who are looking forward to the release of Autel EVO 3!

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