Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022
Autel Live Deck 2

How To Make Autel Drone Live Video?

The drone live broadcast is novel and unique, and the superior aerial perspective is presented in the form of live broadcast, which promotes a higher degree of association between drone users and drone brands.

Autel drone is now one of the most popular civilian drones in the U.S. drone market, because consumer drones are light in shape, low in noise and energy saving, and have clear images. Commercial drones have thermal imaging cameras, RTK Features such as modules and multiple accessories are widely used in many fields.

What does live streaming mean for drones?

Autel Live Deck 2

Drone live streaming has the potential to catalyze a change in the way news is reported. The powerful aerial photography capability of the Autel camera drone can be more conducive to collecting more news materials.

Secondly, Drones are maneuverable, have a wider viewing angle, and are more flexible. Drone live broadcasts cover landscapes, emergencies and other fields, and the content brought will be more attractive and accurate.

Can you see live video from the drone?

What is a live broadcast? Live Stream is very simple - a live video stream captured by the drone during its flight. It provides a safe live video stream to team members, decision makers or emergency response teams from the perspective of the drone.

Autel Live Deck 2 for EVO II V3

How to Live Stream Drone Footage?

Autel Robotics has launched a specific video transmitter for drones, Live Deck. Live Deck 1 is for the Autel EVO II V2 series, which is now discontinued. Live Deck 2 is suitable for Autel EVO II V3 series and is on sale now.

Live Deck 2 (Android based) streams live Full HD video to your TV, computer and/or multiple mobile phones via Ethernet, HDMI or WiFi generated by the live broadcast platform, with no network configuration required.

Autel Drone Live Full HD Video Streaming

As the Internet enters the era of live broadcasting, drones not only broaden the space of human vision, but also provide exciting content in the most cutting-edge mode of the Internet. More and more aerial photography drones are serving live broadcasts.

In commercial drone services, live streaming of drone footage maximizes the safety of footage and enhances communication, collaboration, and coordination among commercial, professional, and public safety operators.

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