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Autel EVO MAX 4T

How does the autonomous drone EVO MAX 4T improve emergency response?

Autel Robotics' newly launched drone EVO MAX 4T this year is already in production, and this autonomous drone is about to go on sale!

As Autel's leading autonomous drone, EVO MAX 4T can complete a variety of tasks without human intervention. Compared with other commercial drones, EVO MAX 4T obviously has faster emergency response capabilities and better mission execution!

Advantages of EVO MAX 4T as an Emergency Response Drone

Autel Max 4T

1. Camera sensor performance

The camera sensor of EVO MAX 4T is the key to complete the task. The camera gimbal of EVO MAX 4T is equipped with an 8K 10x 48MP zoom camera, a 4k 50MP ultra-wide-angle camera, a 640*512 resolution thermal imager, and a laser rangefinder . The advanced camera sensor guarantees EVO MAX 4T's aerial reconnaissance capability and night patrol capability.

2. Enhanced data processing capabilities

EVO Max 4T:数据安全

As an autonomous drone, EVO MAX 4T has advanced data processing capabilities. At the same time, EVO MAX 4T can cooperate with EVO NEST, Autel Skycommand Center to enhance privacy protection and encrypted data storage.

3. Optimized communication technology

EVO MAX 4T is the first autonomous drone among commercial drones that adopts A-Mesh networking technology for drone fleet collaborative operations. It can ensure good communication with the operator, so that it can be better used in emergency situations for search and rescue, fire support, surveying and inspection in high disturbance environments such as urban areas.

Autel Skylink3.0 for Autel MAX 4T

4. Perfect autonomous control system

The EVO MAX 4T's autonomous control system is key to its ability to complete its mission without human operators. In order to improve the emergency response capability of EVO MAX 4T, Autel Robotics is equipped with an autonomous navigation system in the drone. The UAV drone can evaluate the complex environment by itself, find its own way, and create a real-time 3D flight path to achieve unparalleled obstacle avoidance.

5. Safer operation

Autel Autonomy enables operators to keep a closer eye on emergencies while flying in areas previously inaccessible to other drone systems. At the same time, EVO MAX 4T has an omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system, super anti-interference ability, and multi-band transmission. Drone operators can use EVO MAX 4T for emergency response in emergency environments.

6. Higher quality data

Autel EVO MAX 4T 增强实时取景

The EVO MAX 4T drone is an essential tool for situational awareness, faster response and better scene recording. Use autonomous drone solutions to capture more comprehensive data sets from crime and accident scenes in less time.

EVO MAX 4T adopts enhanced real-time view and open automatic SDK, which can perform a variety of mission types, providing important technical support for this emergency response drone!

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