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How Drone Are Used in Flood Rescue and Relief Efforts

How Drone Are Used in Flood Rescue and Relief Efforts

With the advancement of technology and popularization of application, professional drones have been widely used in disaster mitigation and prevention, disaster relief and rescue, significantly improving the accuracy and timeliness of information collection and transmission, and providing strong support for scientific decision-making and on-site operations.

This article will explore the key role and specific application of drones in flood rescue and relief.

Technical advantages of drones

drones in flood rescue
  1. Maneuverable and flexible: It can quickly respond to operational needs at the first time, with fast reach speed. The waterproof drone can also perform tasks in bad weather.
  2. Real-time image transmission: High-definition aerial images are transmitted back to the front and rear headquarters in real time, allowing commanders and fighters at all levels to grasp the flood situation, dam conditions, and rescue situations in a timely manner.
  3. Information support: Panoramic annotation, two-dimensional and three-dimensional modeling of key areas can be carried out to compare pre-disaster and post-disaster situations to provide effective data support for command decisions.
  4. Safe and reliable: The use of drones for reconnaissance, embankment patrol, rescue and other operations also guarantees the safety of rescuers.

The key role of drones in flood fighting and disaster relief

flood area

1. Rapid reconnaissance and assessment

After a flood disaster occurs, the ground situation may be very complex and dangerous, and traditional reconnaissance methods may face many limitations. Micro drones can quickly enter the airspace of disaster areas and obtain real-time images and data through high-definition cameras and infrared sensors. These data can help rescuers understand the disaster situation in real time, including flood levels, terrain changes, distribution of affected areas, etc., track the development of the event, and provide important reference for subsequent rescue operations.

2. Correspondence and Liaison

When a disaster is severe, traditional communication facilities may be damaged or interrupted, making communication between the rescue command center and frontline rescuers difficult. UAVs can be equipped with communication relay equipment or Loudspeaker to provide temporary communication support and shouting from a distance to ensure that the rescue command can keep in touch with rescue personnel, achieve timely transmission of information and command and dispatch, and promote emergency rescue.

3. Material transportation

Flood disasters often cause road traffic to be interrupted or impassable, making ground material transportation difficult. Drones can be used as an effective alternative means of material transportation, carrying emergency supplies and rescue equipment, such as medical supplies, food and drinking water, and can be quickly delivered to disaster areas. Drones can drop materials quickly and accurately in the air, which can improve the survival probability of trapped people and buy more time for rescue.

4. Emergency lighting

Drones equipped with searchlights can improve search and rescue efficiency at night. The drone is equipped with a searchlight to guide rescuers and provide auxiliary lighting, helping rescuers find trapped people and inspect damaged infrastructure.

The searchlight mounted on the drone is not restricted by terrain. As a movable light source, it can be ready to provide high-altitude emergency light sources for rescue workers when dangers such as pipe surges and embankment collapses are discovered at night.

5. Search and rescue

In floods, there are often trapped people who need emergency rescue. The drone is equipped with a thermal imaging camera and infrared sensor, which can quickly find and locate trapped people in complex water environments. Drones can also carry life-saving equipment or disaster relief materials for delivery, buying trapped people time to wait for rescue, improving search and rescue efficiency, and minimizing casualties caused by disasters.

6. Post-disaster assessment

Post-disaster reconstruction requires a comprehensive assessment and documentation of the affected area. Drones can provide high-resolution aerial imagery to capture changes to land surfaces and buildings after a disaster. These data not only help the government and relevant agencies formulate recovery and reconstruction plans and strategies, but can also serve as the basis for post-disaster relief and compensation.

What are drones suitable for flood fighting and disaster relief?

In emergency rescue work, drones have the advantages of rapid response and flexibility. Therefore, the performance requirements of flood-fighting and disaster relief drones are higher.

Autel Robotics EVO II Enterprise series drones and EVO MAX series drones provide strong support for high-altitude reconnaissance, night search and rescue, and material delivery, and are very suitable for emergency response and flood relief operations.

rescue drone

By using drones to capture high-definition images of designated disaster-stricken areas at high altitudes and transmit them back to the command center in real time, we can promptly inspect hard-to-reach disaster-stricken areas to understand the actual situation, assess water conditions, formulate rescue routes, and quickly carry out rescue operations.

After the drone is equipped with a megaphone, searchlight, and night navigation light, it can also operate at night. When searching for and rescuing trapped persons, these drone loads can guide the trapped persons to cooperate with rescue operations through shouting and lighting, and also provide guarantees for the safety of rescuers.

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To sum up, drones play an irreplaceable role in flood fighting and disaster relief work, providing efficient, safe and timely technical support for rescue operations. With the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of application scenarios, it is believed that drones will play a more important role in future disaster response and provide stronger protection for human life and property safety.


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