How To Get 1 Year Free Pix4Dreact With EVO II Rugged Bundle?

Dear Autel Evo II Pilot,

Thank you for purchasing the Autel EVO II™ and Pix4Dreact mapping software bundle. Pix4Dreact is a simple software for rapidly producing high quality 2-Dimensional orthomosaic maps on a desktop computer. Maps are one of the most powerful tools at society’s disposal, and have been relied upon for centuries. Today, drones and photogrammetry software enable pilots and users to make the most up-to-date maps, more easily than ever. We believe this solution enables rapid situational awareness for quick decisions and collaboration in the field.

How to activate the Pix4Dreact yearly license?

  • Create a Pix4D account at
  • To activate the Pix4Dreact yearly license, please fill in this form : or access directly via this QR code :
  • Download Pix4Dreact software from
  • Activate the Pix4D license with the 8-digit key found on the included license certificate.
  • The software requires an internet connection to check the license' status.
  • In this package you will find a ‘Pix4Dreact Checklist for Autel’s EVO II”.
  • Please follow this flight and processing checklist to most efficiently produce maps.
  • Watch free training videos for Pix4Dreact at

If technical assistance is required, please file a support ticket at

Happy mapping !

The Pix4D Team

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How To Get 1 Year Free Pix4Dreact With EVO II Rugged Bundle?