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FAQs about Autel Drones with Long Range

FAQs about Autel Drones with Long Range

Long-distance drones support efficient work, longer remote control distance and flight time, high-quality drones with the longest range bring better flight experience and shooting pictures, having a long distance drone means we have more time for Adjust everything in flight.

Expensive long-range drones often carry more sensors and airframe payloads inside the drone. How far the remote quadcopter can fly depends on the performance, weight, speed, flight time and purpose of the drone.

How Far Do The Different Types Of Drones Fly?

Generally speaking, toy drones can fly 50-100 meters, mid-level consumer drones usually have a range of about 0.5-3 kilometers, and commercial drones can reach more than 10 kilometers, up to 9.3 miles (12 km).

How Much Does a Long-Range Drone Cost?

Drone range isn't everything, but there is indeed a strong correlation between how far a drone can fly and its price and capabilities. Typically, cheap toy drones you can find around $50 have a maximum range of 100m, usually 50 meters. While the Autel long-range drone is close to $3,000, the EVO II Pro drone will be able to fly for 40 minutes and have a range of 9km.

Want to compare more drones

Drone Range Flight Time Top Speed
DJI Air 2S 7.5 mph 31 min 42.5 mph
Autel EVO Nano+ 6.2 mph 28 min 33.5 mph
DJI Mavic Air 2 6.2 mph 34 min 42.5 mph
Autel Robotics EVO 2 5.6 miles 40 minutes 45 mph
DJI Phantom 4 3.1 mph 25 min 45 mph

Refer: Best Long-Range Drones - Challenging Long-Range Flights

What Can Long-Range Drones Be Used For?

High-spec drones can perform long-range aerial photography, wildlife surveillance, property monitoring, traffic enforcement, surveying and mapping, industrial inspection, and more, and a drone with a long range means it will perform more functions.

What's The Most Important Thing To Buy The Best Long-Range Drone?

Image stabilization and low-latency transmission system. The best camera drones not only take high-resolution photos and videos, but also require the cooperation of multi-band transmission systems. Autel SkyLink image transmission system is Autel's greatest transmission system. The drone tri-band 2.4/5.2G/5.8Hz frequency is more flexible when dealing with interference, and the transmission frequency is automatically switched in real time.

GPS stability. Satellite navigation systems are equally important. Autel Drone embeds different GPS systems for different types of drones. Autel drone installs GPS systems for consumer drones, and equips enterprise drones with GPS/GLONASS/VIO/ATTI systems to locate remote drone.

Obstacle avoidance system. For beginners of drones, long-range drones are likely to be out of sight, and the obstacle sensing function reduces the probability of drone crashes and improves the probability of survival.

Wind resistance. The wind resistance of mid-to-high-level drones is set to 5, such as Autel Nano, and the enterprise drone Autel EVO II is set to wind resistance of 8. The strong wind resistance allows you to fly long-range drones with peace of mind without worrying about being blown. Walk.

Excellent flight performance. The fastest flight speed and maximum flight time of long-range drones can make drones fly farther. The drone with long distance requires at least 25 minutes of battery flight life one way and can return home smoothly.

size and portability. A foldable long-range drone is very handy if you need to be out and about.

Can a Drone Go Home If It Loses Signal?

If the signal is lost, most drones with GPS systems will return home. But it depends on the drone in your hand.

How Far Can I Legally Fly a Drone?

Drone laws vary by country, but generally consumer drones need to be kept within line of sight, with a maximum distance of 1km.

How Can I Prevent The Remote Drone From Leaving Me?

Limit the maximum flying distance of an app, such as the Autel Sky APP's "Beginner Mode", while checking your remote at all times, don't let the drone go out of range.

What Advantages Can I Find In a Long-Range Drone?

  • Give yourself plenty of time and space
  • Good anti-interference signal strength
  • The signal is still stable in follow mode

How Is The Range And Signal Strength Of The Drone Affected?

When the drone flies a long distance, the strength of the anti-jamming signal will obviously decrease, and it may occur that the obstacle avoidance is not timely or the signal is lost. The buildings of the city are also a big factor.

Can Long-Range Drones Transport Objects?

It is an interesting thing to use drones to transport objects over long distances. For long-distance drones, the carrying weight is usually around a few hundred grams. The better the long-distance transport of drones, the more advanced drone equipment is used.

We will also continue to collect questions about long-range drones and will continue to update them in the future.

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