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FAQ & Tips for Autel EVO Drone Battery Charging

Autel drone manufacturer's EVO series drones have long battery life. Autel’s consumer-grade drones, the EVO Nano series, can fly for 28 minutes, the EVO Lite series for 40 minutes, and the EVO II series for 40 minutes. Autel EVO drone uses lithium-polymer batteries, which perfectly guarantees the flight experience.

How to Charge EVO battery?

Usually in bundles with Autel EVO drone purchases, we will include Autel Robotics chargers. For your EVO battery consideration, please use an approved Autel robotics charger.

How to Charge Your Autel EVO Nano Drone Battery:

How to use mutlicharger charge EVO Nano Battery

  • Charge the battery through the aircraft;
  • Use the multi-charger to charge one or more batteries.

Details can be found in the following articles:

Can the Drone Battery be Charged Without a Charger?

Although we recommend the matching Autel EVO charger, in special cases, you can use your computer, printer, power bank, camera or other electronic device that supports the USB port to charge the Li-ion battery using the USB port.

Wondering how to Charge Your Drone Battery With a USB Cable?

Charging your drone battery with a USB cable is easy. You need to prepare a Type-C charging cable, you just need to connect one end of the cable to the drone. Then plug the other end into a power port such as a laptop, power bank, car charger, etc. Once the battery is fully charged, your drone is ready to go.

Can I use a Phone Charger to Charge My Drone Battery?

Yes, you can charge your drone battery with a phone charger. Pay attention to match the correct drone charging interface, just plug the drone charging cable into the USB port of the phone charger. Your drone battery will then start charging at the correct voltage.

How Long does it Take to Charge The Battery?

Each initial battery takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge. When using the Autel Robotics Multi-charger to charge the battery, it will charge each battery in order from high to low. When all the battery indicator lights are off, it means the battery of the intelligent aircraft is fully charged.

Can the Battery be used in a Low Temperature Environment?

When the battery is used in a low temperature environment, be aware that the battery life will be shortened. To optimize performance in cold environments, it is recommended to warm the battery to 15 °C before use.

Can Autel EVO Batteries be Taken on Board an Aircraft?

The Battery Energy of the EVO Nano series is 17.32Wh, the Battery Energy of the EVO Lite series is 68.7Wh, and the rated energy of the Autel EVO II Pro drone is 82Wh, which can be brought on board according to airline regulations.

How do I Care for My Autel EVO Battery?

1. Do not expose the battery to temperatures below -10°C or above 40°C, this will shorten battery life and may cause fire, explosion or other permanent damage.
2. Do not charge the battery immediately after the flight. It is recommended to wait for the battery to cool to room temperature before charging.
3. The ideal ambient temperature for battery charging is 10℃~30℃;
4. The ideal storage temperature of the battery is 22℃~28℃. Batteries should be stored in a waterproof and moisture-proof environment away from sunlight.
5. Charge and discharge the battery every 3 months to keep it active​​.

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