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DroneSense Autel Robotics Integration Q&A

DroneSense Autel Robotics Integration Q&A

What is DroneSense?

DroneSense is a software platform that equips public safety drone programs with the tools they need to conduct successful operations and manage their program. DroneSense provides drone pilots with an intuitive, consistent flight control interface across all the drones in their fleet. Incident commanders gain complete situational awareness with live video streams and telemetry data from drones in the air as well as the ability to easily collaborate with pilots and neighboring agencies. Additionally, DroneSense provides program administrators with a complete system of record to keep track of critical data like flight logs, hardware, and personnel. In short, it’s a one-stop-shop platform for any drone program regardless of size.

What is the Autel and DroneSense Integration?

The DroneSense platform requires deep integration into any airframe/platform in order to successfully enable its core functions - flight control, live streaming and collaboration, and automated flight logging. Autel’s SDK enabled DroneSense to build that deep integration, providing DroneSense users the opportunity to use the entire Autel EVO Series of aircraft.

Additionally, DroneSense enables users to view telemetry and video streams from multiple Autel aircraft simultaneously from within DroneSense Operations Hub. Multiple pilots with multiple aircraft may be directly observed, regardless of the operating theater. Incident commanders are able to make decisions based on either thermal or RGB data passed from the Autel EVO II Dual camera system. This also allows all responders to access video data for real-time situation awareness as they approach and arrive on the scene.

Which Autel EVO systems are compatible with DronseSense?

The complete line of Autel EVO and EVO II systems are now compatible with DroneSense.

Can Multiple Agencies Collaborate Simultaneously in DroneSense?

If multiple agencies that each have their own DroneSense account need to collaborate on a scene, users can create what’s referred to as a “collaborative mission” by generating a mission code, which enables all participating agencies to view each other’s drones and video streams. Imagine a large event where police, fire, and emergency services are jointly operating, and each agency is fully aware of what areas have been searched, viewed, etc. This is command efficiency at its best.

Which sensor payloads does DroneSense support?

DronseSense supports all visual thermal payloads available on the EVO series. The current version of DroneSense Mobile supports the thermal capabilities of the EVO II Dual with more advanced features coming soon. Once the next Autel SDK is available with those features, DroneSense will surface those additional thermal abilities to pilots.

What Resolution video feeds are available in DroneSense?

DroneSense typically streams HD video at 720p as an ideal balance of video quality and efficient use of bandwidth. DroneSense’s proprietary adaptive bitrate algorithm optimizes the quality of the video streams for the available bandwidth in real-time to ensure that viewers can still consume live video, even in poor network environments.

What’s the latency when streaming video from Autel EVO through DroneSense?

DroneSense offers near real-time video streaming with an industry-leading glass-to-glass latency of less than half of a second.

How does DroneSense connect to the EVO systems?

DroneSense connects to the Autel EVO series aircraft through Autel’s SDK.

How do you ensure data security?

The Autel EVO line of aircraft is designed for public safety’s most challenging environments and DroneSense offers a platform that allows agencies to securely fly, stream video, and manage the sensitive data these missions produce. DroneSense offers an extensive range of security features including industry-leading encryption and keeping U.S. customer data where it should be: safely stored inside the U.S.

The DroneSense platform utilizes world-class encryption such as TLS 1.2 and federally certified AWS technologies to protect customer data where it is collected, stored, and viewed - and every stage in-between.

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