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Commercial UAV Drones

Commercial Drone FAQs

Commercial UAVs Drones are emerging at an unrivaled pace. This article answers the latest trends in commercial drones and design insights on solutions, discusses and shares market trends in commercial drones, disassembles new technology requirements, and introduces relevant solutions that can be applied to commercial drones. We have customized a frequently asked questions about commercial drone applications for you. Simple quick question and answer format for commercial drones.

commercial uav drones

1. Why is the development of commercial drones advancing by leaps and bounds?

There are four main drivers: the impact of the new crown epidemic; investment by venture capitalists and major technology companies; the development of the drone self-driving system service industry; technology companies boosting commercial drones in agriculture, photography, construction, energy, insurance , distribution and telecommunications industries.

2. Compared with Autel consumer drones, what are the special requirements for commercial drones?

Autel Commercial Drone Drone and Autel Consumer Drone autel are segmented based on market needs and applications. Commercial drones have more functional requirements, such as pesticide spraying, building surveying and mapping, disaster relief, etc. Therefore, the use scenarios of commercial drones are more extensive and hard-core, requiring long-distance flights, carrying cargo, crossing construction sites, wind and rain, and woods. This also puts forward higher technical requirements for commercial drone drones:

1. Reliability: Key sensors and connectors must be able to withstand high and low temperature, high altitude, high humidity, and be waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

2. Miniaturization: Autel drones are designed in millimeters, and their size and weight are important considerations. The dimensions of the parts used by the UAV autel are naturally more stringent.

3. High-speed signal transmission: Autel drones support drones with 4k high-definition cameras at a minimum, and 8k high-definition cameras with a maximum of 8k high-definition cameras. Multiple transmission frequency bands support 4K high-definition videos. There will be AI blessings in the future, and Autel drones will Electronic devices are capable of transmitting GB-level data.

3. Should I customize my commercial drone antenna?

There are many types and applications of commercial drones, and most antennas need to be customized. The manufacturer's fast and flexible customization process makes customization easy. At the same time, the manufacturer also provides a variety of standard antennas, which not only meet the technical requirements of customers, but also take into account the limitations of cost and quantity.

The UAV automatic system is composed of aircraft platform system, information acquisition system and ground control system. The first generation is dominated by reconnaissance aircraft, and some unmanned aircraft have been armed. The military envisions drones playing many more roles, initially bombing and ground attack, air-to-air combat, and the pilot's last stand. Armed drones are known as UCAVs.

4. What are the types and uses of Autel commercial drones?

Autel's commercial drones mainly rely on the two technologies of RTK module support and thermal imaging support. Autel RTK series are capable of precise centimeter-level positioning and are widely used in geographic surveying and mapping tasks. The RTK series includes Autel EVO II Pro RTK and Autel EVO II Dual 640T RTK. Autel’s thermal imaging UAV is represented by EVO II Dual 640T, which supports 640*512 high-resolution thermal images, and the picture-in-picture mode supports operators to update Good analytics scenarios to make decisions. Autel thermal imaging drones include Autel EVO II Dual 640T, Autel EVO II Dual 640T RTK, Autel EVO II Dual Enterprise.

Autel commercial drones are powerful and can be widely used in cruise, inspection, patrol, thermal image reconnaissance, search for missing persons and rescue personnel. It is widely used in energy, mining, frontier defense, search and rescue, etc. In addition, the Autel Dragonfish UAV can be regarded as one of the most powerful commercial UAVs. It is a large VTOL UAV with a tilt rotor design that can support a variety of loads. It is a powerful application-type unmanned aerial vehicle in the sky.

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