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Autel Drones Height Limit Guide

Can I Delete The Altitude Limit of The Autel Drone?

Driving drones have become no longer unusual, and constantly improving your drone to fly and shoot at height will be exciting. As we all know, the flying height of the U.S. drone is limited to 400 feet (AGL) above the ground.

For these restrictions, it may make people annoy, but sometimes you need to make an exception.

For a consumer drone, the maximum climbing height of drones is usually limited to 500 meters, and the Autel consumer drone EVO Nano+ can reach 800 meters.

Autel EVO Nan+ limit 800m high

Drones has a maximum take-off height of 4,000 meters, and in high altitude areas, this will further affect the ability of drones to rise up. When the surrounding altitude may change huge changes, and at this time, if the location of the drone is close to 4,000 meters, the drone may not be able to take off!

As a commercial drone inspecting some heights, the drone is required to have a greater lifting ability. Suppose you are checking a 1,200 -foot -high mobile phone signal tower. If you have a 400AGL limit, you will only stay at about 400 feet and miss the ability to check up.

Is there a high degree of restrictions on Autel drones?

Autel drone has a novice mode, limited to 300 meters high. Instead of novice mode, the maximum flight height can be reached 800 meters.

What should you do to improve the height limit of drones?

It is not recommended to let your Autel drone fly higher, you must crack your drone program. Change the height limit of drones, maybe you will get a more magnificent air vision, but you must apply for your drone for filing.

Why do you set the height limit of drones?

First, all drones have high limit. In the programming of the aircraft, the default value is generally 400 feet. Because of our flight regulations, this is usually set to the default value.

Drone relies on propellers to rotate and cut the air to form airflows to rise and decrease. Drones motor engines provide a steady stream of power, but it is not always perfect. The battery capacity carried by drones is limited, and the air on the height is thin. And due to the restrictions on the control of the airspace, the drone should not affect the driving route of someone driving the aircraft. This is very serious!

Can I delete my drone high limit?

All drones set up original height restrictions on the drone. You can crack your drone limited to high ban, but do this will make any warranty plan fail, and you are likely not to be cautious within any insurance range you may carry. Please keep cautious.

DIY drone enthusiasts can buy drone module components by themselves. Maybe their flight height will reach higher. But flight safety is always the first. Unlock your drone to rise, you must get airspace authority. Not only do you need to pay attention to the safety of your aircraft, but also ensure that you may share the safety of other aircraft in the airspace.

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