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Terrain-Following Function

Terrain-Following Function for Enterprise Drones

The terrain-following function of the UAV drone can create a deep autonomous learning capability for the UAV drone, ensuring the flight safety of the drone in complex environments. The terrain following function of the drone is different from the following mode. This function is deeply dependent on the multi-sensor flight control system, which is used to solve the problem of avoiding terrain obstacles when the small UAV flies in a complex environment.

What is the terrain following function of the drone?

Autel Dragonfish Terrain Following Function

The terrain following function of the drone means that the UAV drone can automatically follow the movement of the ground or terrain to maintain a certain height and position in order to perform tasks more effectively. This function usually relies on a set of sensors to detect the height and shape of the ground.

Among them, the terrain following function is mainly realized in the following ways:

LiDAR sensor: A LiDAR sensor can measure the height of the drone from the ground, as well as the shape of the ground. Using this information, the drone can adjust its altitude and position to follow changes in the terrain.

GPS: GPS can provide the location information of the drone. When the drone is far away from the pre-set route, GPS can adjust the flight trajectory of the drone to ensure that the drone can maintain the route in the event of terrain changes.

Vision sensors: Vision sensors are able to provide images and video to help drones recognize and track changes in terrain. These sensors typically include cameras and infrared sensors.

Real-time terrain following vs intelligent following

The drone's terrain following mode always keeps your drone flying at the same altitude above the ground using only its onboard sensors, allowing your drone to fly closer to the ground and capture higher resolutions of the area of interest data.

The terrain-following mode of the drone is limited to uphill. If you use the terrain-following mode when driving the drone at high speed, you can experience the thrill of flying over the ground. When terrain-following and downhill, in order to ensure flight safety, the aircraft It will not automatically descend, and manual operation is required. The high-speed ground-grazing flight of drones is also one of the common flight modes for FPV drone enthusiasts.

The most fundamental difference between the drone's terrain following mode and the intelligent following mode is that the intelligent following mode cannot maintain the same height above the ground.

Which Autel enterprise machines have terrain following function?

Currently, drones with terrain following capabilities include the Autel Dragonfish series!

In general, the terrain-following function of drones can increase its reliability and efficiency in environments with complex terrains, especially when performing tasks, such as surveying and mapping, search and rescue, surveillance, etc.

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