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You Need To Know Version 2 Aircraft

You Need To Know Version 2 Aircraft

Version 2 has arrived.

As many may already know, the global chip shortage has made it difficult to continue producing the first version of EVO II, Smart Controller, Autel Live Deck. As a result, a second version of these platforms has been produced.

With v2 aircraft now available for purchase, pilots old and new may be wondering what the change means for them. Here are a handful of things you may need to know:

1. Will v1 and v2 be cross-compatible with one another?

No; v2 remote controllers will not be able to communicate with v1 aircraft or vice versa. All payloads are still interchangeable.

2. Will batteries still be cross-compatible?

Yes. Batteries will remain cross-compatible.

3. Will my Live Deck be compatible with v2 aircraft?

No. The EVO II v2 chipset is not compatible with Live Deck. However, we are developing a streaming solution that will be released in the future.

4. Will v1 and v2 use different apps?

No. Both versions of the EVO II will still utilize the Autel Explorer app.

5. How can I tell which version my EVO II is?

Check the top of your aircraft shell. If you have a v2, it will be labeled as “V2” between the top obstacle avoidance sensors. If you have a v1, there will be no label.

6. Will my EVO II be compatible with the Autel Smart Controller?

Due to the global chip shortage, there will also be two different versions of the Autel Smart Controller. The same logic applies: v1 Smart Controllers will only be compatible with v1 EVO II aircraft, and v2 Smart Controllers will only be compatible with v2 EVO II aircraft.

7. Will this change affect my warranty status or my ability to get my drone serviced by Autel Robotics?

No. All versions of the EVO II still carry the same one-year manufacturer’s warranty. We will also continue to service both versions of the EVO II.

If parts are not available for your version of the EVO II, we will perform the repair and/or replacement of your product with another version of equivalent value.

8. Is dual-band the same as v2?

Yes. Retailers such as B&H may use different terminology, such as “single-band” to refer to v1 products and “dual-band” to refer to v2 products.

9. Can I trade in my v1 aircraft for a v2 product?

No. At this time, Autel Robotics is not offering a trade-in for v1 drones.


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