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Buying Drones Guide

When you Buy Drones | What is the Important Things

Drone technology has developed rapidly and matured, and a large number of drones are beginning to be sold to consumers. For a flying experience, start your aerial video and don't miss this drone buying guide. Autel Drone is a US drone store near you with free online shipping.

If you are buying a drone for the first time, there are many doubts about buying a drone. In this article, we have sorted out the relevant points of drone purchase to help you solve some unnecessary troubles in buying a drone, and Tips on what to look out for when flying a drone for the first time.

Things to Think About Before You Buy Your Drone!

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Which Drone Should You Choose?

Looking to invest in your first drone? You first need to know what you need your drone to do? Specific drones will be suitable for different needs. Drones can be roughly divided into toy drones, FPV/racing drones, photo and video drones, and industrial application drones.

Toy drones can be used indoors and are usually small drones with no or low quality cameras. Maybe, you can buy this low-budget drone to take you through the knowledge of how drones work and experience a short drone flight.

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FPV/racing drones can enhance the pilot's fun, and these drones tend to capture more sporty action shots and are fairly fast. Feel the real drone motion picture, you can also wear FPV goggles to further enhance the look and feel.

Photo and video drones. Drones with HD cameras are also called camera drones, used for film and photography, these camera drones often have three-axis gimbal control, three-way obstacle avoidance sensing, equipped with 4k camera, foldable design for travel . If you're interested in learning more about these drones, visit Autelpilot.

Industrial drones are often designed for specific applications, such as inspection, search, thermal imaging, 3D scanning of buildings, or other practical uses. Drones with RTK modules can also achieve centimeter-level positioning and fully plan routes for data collection. The Autel EVO II enterprise drone can perform operations in a large number of complex scenarios.

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What Aspects Of Drones Need To Be Considered When Buying a Drone?

Cost-effective drones are always the most popular. Among the many drones, how to choose and buy a drone? What do you value more about the function of the drone and the aerial imaging of the drone? Let's read more.

Size and Wind Resistance

Buying a compact drone makes it easy to carry, and you can also find plenty of camera drones with excellent performance in foldable drones under 250g. Saving weight in small drones means less power. Buy a small size drone and its wind resistance will be worse.

Cameras and Sensors

EVO Nano drone rapidly snaps several photos at different exposures

Camera drones usually have three-axis gimbal stabilization, and a camera that shoots a minimum resolution of 4k video. Larger sensors provide sharper images and less noise. The most suitable for drone beginners is to buy a 4k camera drone, I recommend the Autel EVO Nano Plus.

Distance and Speed

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When you use the remote control to control the drone, do you want to try how far this drone can fly and how long this drone can fly? The maximum speed of small drones is usually between 30 and 50 km/h, and the maximum image transmission distance is usually 10 kilometers.

When you control the drone to fly far away, a good image transmission system is essential. This ensures that you can keep track of your drone at all times. Autel Sky Link guarantees this and we support the EVO Nano series to fly 10km and the EVO Lite series to fly 12km.

Battery Life

The high-capacity battery guarantees the feasibility of your drone flight. Typically, most drone flight times are between 20 and 30 minutes. Buying additional flight battery accessories is also a great way to get sustained drone flight.

Autel Robotics EVO Nano+ Provide you 28mins flight time

Smart Flight Modes and Sensors

Many modern drones add a variety of smart flight features that can help you as a photographer and filmmaker in one click. An example is the follow me feature, which means you can ask the drone to follow the subject, run in circles automatically, or control the movement of the drone while keeping it always in the center of the image.

buy Autel EVO Nano+ Provide four automatic shooting modes Rocket, Flick, fade away, and orbit

Beginners should also consider whether the drone has obstacle avoidance sensors when buying a drone. Buying a drone with anti-collision sensing can prevent the drone from flying over walls, branches or other obstacles and reduce property damage.

Drone Registration

Before you decide to buy a drone, you should carefully read the laws and regulations for drones in your country or region. Get everything ready before your first flight. First, figure out whether you're flying for fun or for business purposes.

In the US, drones under 250g do not need to be registered. Flying for commercial purposes requires registering your drone and obtaining a driver's license. You also need a permit if the drone weighs more than seven kilograms.


If you want to buy a drone for commercial purposes, it is recommended that you take out insurance before flying. Commercial drones are powerful and expensive, and insuring your drone is a good option.

No-fly Zone Restrictions

Many countries and regions have set no-fly zones, and once your drone breaks into it, it may be shot down. Therefore, after buying a drone, you need to learn to look at the map and not enter sensitive areas. DJI drones set up geofence restrictions and the drones will automatically stop flying. Autel drones warn drone pilots of no-fly zone restrictions.

Update Your Drone

After buying a drone, the first thing you should do is to check your drone, check whether the external hardware of the drone is functioning normally, whether the internal firmware is the latest version, and whether the accessories of the drone are complete. When everything is ready, take your drone out to fly. Updating all firmware to the latest state before the drone takes flight will save you a lot of trouble.

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