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Autel EVO MAX 4T vs ACSL SOTEN: Small Aerial Photography Commercial Drone

World-renowned drone manufacturers: DJI, Autel, Skydio, Parrot and others. Whether it is a consumer drone or a commercial drone, these drone manufacturers have their masterpieces. Now that DJI has entered the U.S. drone blacklist, who will be the next drone competitor?

ACSL has launched the SOTEN drone to take a piece of the pie, a commercial Japanese-made drone priced at $9,599. Here, we will compare Autel EVO MAX 4T vs ACSL SOTEN, competitors for future commercial drones.

ACSL SOTEN: Small Aerial Photography Drone

Japan’s SOTEN drone

ACSL SOTEN is a small compact foldable drone, a Japanese drone that complies with NDAA standards, weighs 1720g, has a maximum flight speed of 15m/s, IP43 protection level, 25 minutes of flight time, and can be replaced with one click Camera system.

The ACSL SOTEN drone adopts an interchangeable camera system that can be combined with an infrared camera + a visible light camera, a multispectral camera and an optical zoom camera. The visible light camera provides 4K video, 20-megapixel still images, and a maximum image transmission distance of 4 kilometers.

The innovative highlight of ACSL SOTEN drones is that the drones have reliable encrypted communications to ensure drone data security, extensive scalability, including closed network LTE communications and offline map settings, and enhanced positioning by SLAS/SBAS. This provides guarantee for drones to perform drone aerial missions.

Autel EVO MAX 4T: Semi-autonomous Commercial Drone

Autel EVO MAX 4T drone

The Autel EVO MAX 4T is a leading semi-autonomous drone that is more oriented towards commercial drones than aerial photography drones. EVO MAX 4T is currently configured with Remote ID and is used by many law enforcement and search and rescue departments.

EVO MAX 4T comes with a multi-sensor camera lens. The gimbal camera integrates an infrared camera, an optical camera, a wide-angle camera, and a laser rangefinder. It can achieve up to 8K 10X optical zoom, 160x hybrid zoom, 42 minutes of flight time, and a 20-kilometer map. Transmission distance, IP43 protection level, maximum flight speed 15m/s, weight 1600g.

The innovation of Autel EVO MAX 4T drone lies in A-Mesh networking technology, Autonomy independent path finding technology, millimeter wave radar 720° obstacle avoidance technology, triple anti-interference, AES-256 encryption for photos, videos, and flight logs, are password-protected.


In the future, the consumer drone market and commercial drone market will continue to grow and usher in more innovative drones. ACSL SOTEN vs Autel EVO MAX 4T, in the choice of commercial drones, Autel EVO MAX 4T is better!

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