Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022
Autel EVO II Pro: 6K video and interchangeable cameras

Autel EVO II Pro: 6K video and interchangeable cameras

There are many benefits to implementing a drone program, including improved safety, lower costs, and increased efficiency. Autelpilot team members provide professional drone repairs, consulting, quality products, preventive maintenance programs, training and education. Autel ushered in a big bang in 2022. The drone industry loves new technology, innovation, and competition between consumer and professional drones. Autel released the EVO drone, which has become DJI's Mavic series of drones fierce competitor.

Autel EVO II Pro: 1" CMOS Sensor and adjustable aperture

Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 6k Camera drone
The Autel EVO II Pro meets the needs of professional photographers and pro consumers by using the Pro model's 1" CMOS Sony IMX383 Sensor. The sensor offers adjustable apertures from f/2.8 all the way to f/11. While the standard EVO II goes up to 48MP , the Pro model captures 20MP still images with sufficient resolution even for large canvases or metal prints. Adjustable aperture and intuitive camera controls make the EVO II Pro a content creator's dream.

Most Impressive EVO II Pro Features

  • 40-minute battery: The longest battery life of any foldable drone.
  • 6K Video: The first 6K consumer-grade aerial or terrestrial camera.
  • 5.5+ mile range: Incredible range of control.
  • All-round Obstacle Avoidance System: The first compact folding drone with 6 obstacle avoidance systems installed on the body.
  • Interchangeable Cameras: You no longer need one drone to use at a time, it can be interchanged on the same series of drones, such as the EVO II drone.

There's a lot to love about the new EVO II Pro, but the five features above are the ones that really set the EVO II Pro apart from the competition. On top of that, the high-tech computer vision sensor-assisted obstacle avoidance function on the EVO II Pro provides all-round protection. The system detection can eliminate potential hazards to the greatest extent possible.

autel robotics evo ii pro 6k drone 360° Obstacle Avoidance

autel robotics evo ii pro 6k drone 360° 12 binocular vision sensing systems

EVO II pro flight time

How long to fly? This is always the first question! The EVO II pro's 7,100mAh battery produces a maximum flight time of 40 minutes, which makes the EVO II pro unique. Yes, the specs may be in perfect condition, but even so, at 35 minutes, the EVO II is still the longest-flying 6K folding drone on the market. It's also worth noting that Autel has a patented Battlock system unlike other drones that ensures its battery stays in place and locked even when maneuvering or hard landing at 45 mph. … .. they happen to the best of us.

EVO II Pricing and Availability

EVO II pro pricing
As we said, the EVO II pro is in production and will arrive at Autelpilot's factory soon! In the case of chip energy shortage in the world, we can only provide EVO II pro advanced reinforcement kit, $3099, rest assured that we will give discount coupons to all those who are willing to support us, or if you are willing to customize others, we will try our best to help you .

Autel EVO 2 pro models and camera options

EVO II pro interchangeable camera

Autel Robotics EVO II Pro Rugged Bundle - EVO 2 6k Camera Drone Bundle
One of the most exciting features of the EVO II series is that you never have to use one type of camera on a plane. Autel has designed an interchangeable camera system for the EVO II series, which makes it very easy to replace, upgrade or simply replace your EVO II series cameras.

A brief introduction to the Autel EVO II camera, you can buy the EVO II series camera by yourself, and removing and installing a new camera/gimbal is as easy as removing four screws.

Autel EVO II: 8K video and 48MP stills

The standard EVO II model is the first and only consumer-grade folding drone to feature 48-megapixel 8K video and stills. This is a remarkable achievement, as the EVO II becomes the first consumer-grade camera to achieve 8K video, both in the air and on the ground. Capturing content at 8000x6000 gives content creators and photographers greater flexibility to process EVO II footage in post without sacrificing quality and resolution. Additionally, the 4X optical in-camera zoom enables operators to zoom out on subjects without losing resolution.

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