Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022
2024 Drones Gift Of Returns To School Guidelines!

2024 Drones Gift Of Returns To School Guidelines!

Prepare drones as a gift to school, welcome the best return gift to school in 2022, and a large number of students are preparing to welcome the days when they return to campus. In mid -July, American drones ushered in Primy Day and book your drone gift back to school in advance.

2022 Back To School Gift --Drone

In 2022, the best drone gift return to the school was recommended by Autelpilot, also for the new school year planned to return to the school in advance. Or the new semester gift -- drone.

When the drone in the school, it is used for education, the drone will be brought into your school and classroom.

The education course of the drone school has training courses specifically for drones, which makes everything interesting.

For drones for driverless technology, Autel Robotics has research and development cooperation with a number of universities. Innovative education of drones and robots will allow children to explore all future.

Education drones are divided into two categories:

  • Mini Drone (less than 250 grams)
  • Sub-2 kg drone

Drones have different functions at different sizes.

It is mainly equipped with the effective load and sensors of the drone, which can achieve different functions. Of course, there is an environment for drones, indoor flights and outdoor flights.

Sub-250g drone recommend

Choose drone as a new semester gift. In the micro-drone, I will recommend Autel Evo Nano Plus drone, it is an upgraded version of the Autel Evo Nano drone.

Autel Robotics EVO Nano+ Provide you 28mins flight time

With less than 250g lightweight body, it has comprehensively surpassed 1 -inch image quality. EVO Nano+ uses a 1/1.28 -inch CMOS and F/1.9 large aperture to give the camera excellent light capture capabilities and support 50 million pixel photos.

EVO Nano+ HDR videos and photos is more brilliant. In high dynamic scenarios, the highlights and shadow quality are deeply optimized. The film shows rich details and layering, which is eye -catching. It is worth mentioning that EVO NANO+uses a new hybrid dual focus system to achieve millisecond -level automatic focusing, and the sports objects can quickly capture it without missing any wonderful.

Autel EVO Nano+ can also be used as an indoor drone that does not need to register in the United States, but avoid fly the above of human. High-performance drones will help teachers better exercise drones and make students better learn drone operations.

Sub-2 kg drone recommend

Sub-2 kg drones can be called large commercial drones, and the body shape and structure are close to large civilian flight passenger planes. The AUTEL DRAGONFISH series is a fixed -wing VTOL (vertical take -off and landing) drone. The longest can be flying for 2 hours, and the image of about 29 kilometers can be transmitted. The goal of VTOL drone is to check, law enforcement, traffic surveillance, and energy markets, with many uses.

Choose the best return to school drone gift, whether it is cheap drone, or cost-effective drone, suitable drone gifts can not only help you learn drone technology, but also for You are preparing for the drone course.

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