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Autel EVO II "Boat Mode"

Boat Mode is an intelligent flight mode set by Autel Explorer App for Autel EVO V1&V2, but it has been removed now.

What is "Boat Mode" of Autel drone?

All "Boat Mode" really does is assist with starting where it's not static and getting it off the ground. In this mode, the sensitivity of the gimbal and IMU will be reduced, and even the operating frequency of the motors will be reduced to maintain normal flight.

The Autel Explorer App currently no longer has a "Boat Mode", the updated app and aircraft firmware both work fine without the feature. Even if it is to take off and operate on board, there is no problem.

In "Boat Mode", you will have to constantly reset your home point, the Autel EVO drone does not have a dynamic home point, which means your home point will be where you took off.

If you're on a dynamically moving boat and want to land, you'll have to reset the home point, point to your location in the app, it'll be named me, and then you'll have to update it accordingly!

Check out the video guide:

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