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Autel EVO II 8K Camera Drone world debut at CES 2020 in USA

autel evo 2 best of ces 2020

Autel EVO II Drone world debut and won Best of CES 2020

The new Autel EVO 2 drone made its world debut at the 2020 USA CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and won Best of CES 2020. They have put together a very solid and well-built drone with specs that are out of this world and be claimed as "the most powerful and advanced foldable drone on the planet"

autel evo 2 in ces 2020

Go head, Go on that hike, and Autel did it!

Autel Robotics announced an EVO II series one time which includes 3 EVO II drones. The series consists of the EVO II, the world’s first 8K foldable consumer drone, the 6K EVO II PRO, and the EVO PRO II Dual, which features the ability to record 8K and thermal images.

The standard EVO II comes with an 1/2" camera that’s capable of shooting 8K video and 48MP stills. The EVO 2 Pro features a 1" sensor that has an adjustable aperture and can shoot 6K video. And finally, the EVO 2 Dual is equipped with a FLIR Boson sensor and the same 8K camera that comes with the standard model.

picture of autel evo II series

And all three versions of the EVO II use the exact same airframe. What’s more excited is that each camera system is modular, meaning you can swap over the different cameras and gimbals without having to buy a whole new drone.

What’s more, All three drones have a range up to 5.5 miles, built-in 8GB of internal storage, and come with a sophisticated array of obstacle-avoidance sensors, powerful AI tech and subject tracking, and lots more.

picture of Autel EVO II 8K camera

Autel EVO II Price and availability

Autel EVO II is already in production pr-order price is $1499 and will have stock in the US soon. The standard version EVO II drone is expected to be available toward the end of January. And others include EVO II Pro and EVO II Dual will start to produce about eight weeks later.

Picture of the Autel Evo II in CES 2020 

Pictures of the Autel Evo II in CES 2020

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